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Gare du Nord lies in the centre of Paris, north of the River Seine. Many passengers arrive at the station from the UK by Eurostar. Getting into the city is easy by public transport or taxi.

The Paris Nord Train Station (Gare du Nord) was originally built in 1846. Shortly after, it was rebuilt three times to increase the size of the station due to increasing traffic. The new and improved station was fully functional by 1864. The name was decided with the notion that travelers would be able to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands, Northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

From Gare du Nord you can reach French cities like Lille to the north and even cross borders to Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne and Hamburg by high-speed TGV and Thalys trains.

Gare du Nord station is the busiest station in Europe. Plus it welcomes the ultra-modern Eurostar from the UK. So there are plenty of facilities for travellers, including a Business Premier Lounge.

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The Paris-Gare de Lyon was built for the World Exposition of 1900 and the architecture used in the construction of this train station is a classic example of the architecture of that time period. The station has been modernized to accommodate the high-speed TGV trains that whisk travelers throughout France.

Gare de Lyon is just less than 3 miles (just over 4½ km) south of Gare du Nord, towards the south east of Paris.

The station is the terminal for high-speed TGV services to the south of France, Switzerland and Italy. It also serves regional trains, RER lines A and D, plus Metro lines 1 and 14.

To get here from your Eurostar train at Gare du Nord, just travel two stops on RER line D towards Melun/Malesherbes.

Gare de Lyon was built for the 1900 World Expo and its architecture is a classic of the era. Visitors from the UK will be particularly tickled by the Big Ben-style clock tower.

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The Paris Est Train Station (Gare de Paris-Est) represents the Belle Epoque generation of railway buildings. It is is one of the major railway stations in the city of Paris, in France. The west wing is the original building built in 1847 and In 1854, due to increased rail traffic, the east wing was built. The Paris Est Train Station now provides train transportation to major cities in Central Europe such as Zurich, Switzerland; Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria. Paris Gare de l’Est is also one of the oldest stations of the city, as acts as the terminus for trains operating on the Paris to Strasbourg route and the Paris to Mulhouse route.

Paris Gare de l’Est railway station is located about 1 km away from another important railway station, Paris Gare du Nord, from where travellers can catch the Eurostar to reach London. Travellers can also take the train from Paris Gare de l’Est railway station to reach other cities in Europe, such as Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt. Other popular French destinations which can be reached from Paris Gare de l’Est are Metz, Reims and Eperney. Paris Gare de l’Est offers plenty of facilities, such as luggage storage and a lounge.

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The Paris Saint-Lazare Train Station (Gare Saint-Lazare) is one of the six major train stations of Paris and is the second busiest railway station in Europe handling over 450,000 travelers each day. This impressive station has been modernized and is considered a Parisian Historic Monument. The station serves the western suburbs of Paris and Normandy and houses a shopping center that opened in early 2012.

St.Lazare has undergone major renovation projects over the last four years and the benefits are there to be seen as it strives to bring its historical and modern elements together to produce a transport link for the 21st century. Part of the renovation of the station included installation of 300 passenger-information screens, 21 escalators and lifts. It also features a 200m-long glass-covered passenger circulation area. It is a large station with 27 platforms serving suburban destinations as well as the routes above. Platforms 1-18 normally service the suburban routes and intercity trains with platforms 19-27 servicing the Grand Line trains.

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The Paris Bercy Train Station (Gare de Bercy) was originally designed for the departure and arrival of sleeper trains on overnight routes. Today, it still provides service for overnight trains, but also focuses on transporting vehicles to other stations. The Paris Bercy Train Station is located near the heart of Paris and is just a short walk from the Paris Lyon Train Station. The station acts as a relief to the nearby Paris-Gare de Lyon which was reaching capacity.

Gare de Bercy is one of six hub stations in Paris. So there are plenty of facilities on offer. You can grab a bite to eat, check your emails or store your luggage. While business passengers can relax in the Grand Voyageur. If you require assistance boarding you should turn up 30 minutes before your train leaves. Wheelchairs and boarding ramps are also available if required.

It is located in the Bercy area of the 12th arrondissement, close to the Bercy sports arena on the Boulevard de Bercy. It is also close to the Gare de Lyon. Access from the Paris Métro is by Line 6 or Line 14 to Bercy Métro station. The modern station occupies the site of a large former goods station that was once famous as the main arrival point and distribution centre for wine in Paris.

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Gare D’Austerlitz is one of 8 railway stations in Paris and is the departure point for a number of overnight services including trains to the south of France and Spain. So there are plenty of facilities on offer. You can grab a bite to eat, check your emails or store your luggage if there’s time before your train.

The Paris Austerlitz Train Station (Gare d'Austerlitz) was named after the famous Napoleon battle fought in the region that is now the Czech Republic. This Paris station was originally built in 1840 with the purpose of serving the Paris-Corbeil line. Today, the Gare d'Austerlitz serves over 25 million rail passengers annually.

If you require assistance boarding you should turn up at the reception 30 minutes before your train leaves. Wheelchairs and boarding ramps are also available if required.

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The Paris Montparnasse Train Station (Gare Montparnasse) first opened in 1840 and this Paris train station provides service for intercity TGV trains traveling west and south-west of Paris. The Gare Montparnasse also houses a metro station and is credited with having the fastest moving walkway in the world. The major hub station of Montparnasse lies in Paris’ 15th arrondissement near the city centre. If you’re catching a connecting train, it’s easy to get here using the Metro from the Eurostar terminal at Gare du Nord.

The station is used by passengers catching high-speed TGV trains to cities in the west and southwest of France – including Bordeaux, Rennes and Nantes.

Gare Montparnasse is one of six hub stations in Paris. So there are plenty of facilities on offer, including a Grand Voyageur Business Lounge. The station also boasts the fastest moving walkway in the world.

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